Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Proud Participant

We got some great feedback from Flip, a resident of the Columbia Neighborhood who participated in the residential program and is recommending the Community Energy Challenge to her friends and neighbors. Thanks for sharing your story!

We've just completed an energy conservation upgrade on our house through the Community Energy Challenge.  I cannot recommend this program highly enough! They help you make your home more energy efficient, and find every grant & rebate possible to help you afford it. It is Federal Stimulus funds that actually help Main Street.

One: it helps put out of work construction workers back to work, and retrains them to become experts in an important field.

Two: It makes our community less reliant on power plants. The cheapest way to save energy is through conservation.

Three: It improves our local housing. Our house is definitely warmer and more comfortable now after major insulating and some leak sealing as well. The CEC paid careful attention to things that would not have occurred to me, like maintaining air quality after sealing leaks, and excluding rodents.

Four: It saves money on heating, and it's affordable. They have supported loans so more people can afford to get this work done. The program is also aimed at middle-class people, so you don't have to prove you're broke to qualify.